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Üsküdar, Istanbul map by Jacques Pervititch

Last Friday I scanned a number of maps from a 1930s Istanbul insurance atlas for a professor and decided to convert a single page of it into multiple image overlays for Google Earth.  The output consists of a large map focused on the Üsküdar neighborhood on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus, with a small map of the larger area surrounding it inserted in the lower right hand quadrant of the page.  It was interesting to reverse the proportions by stretching the small map to match the larger area in Google Earth and stretching the larger map to match the smaller area (of course this means the smaller area map has higher resolution).

The web version is here, but doesn’t show modern roads.

If I were really trying to do a full conversion (I just did this as a lark), I would have processed the title portion and legends as separate screen overlays which would allow them to  retain the same zoom level and be visible even while the user zooms in on various parts of the map.
I am using the screen overlay feature with my second-edition Fort Niagara project and it works very well.  If I could figure out Google Earth’s Regionation feature it would be even better, GE Regionation is kind of my technical holy grail at this point.  I don’t think it quite works yet, but Google Earth regionation should allow for multiple overlays to display or disappear automatically depending on the altitude or the percentage of pixels visible in the overlay’s image file.

Here’s a link to the KML file, which must be saved to your computer and opened with Google Earth to view.  Please write if  there are problems opening it.

Here is a link to a summary of the Pervititch book on ArchNet.  I consider my 1-page-derived project to be Fair Use.


Hi Alex,

I did some detective work (about his Comment, below) and found the street you were looking for, here it is in a Google Earth Plugin Overlay (for some reason it was zooming in too close on my computer but it works).
Tepe Skokak
Now the street is named Duatepe but it still exists.  This 1906 map also shows the synagogue you mentioned.

Not sure where the address No.10 would be located, but good luck with your genealogical research.

Below is the full map that the Overlay came from, in low resolution with the overlay area outlined in black:

Here’s the information about it:
The Plan D’assurance de Constantinople, Vol. III: Kadikeui
(Haidar-Pacha & Moda) (planche 58)
Mapmaker/Publisher: Cha(rle)s Edouard Goad (1848-1910)
London, Montreal, Toronto, 1906
Printing Technique: Choromolithograph
Dimensions: Approx. 40×50 cm

Maps of İstanbul Haritaları 1422-1922
by Ayşe Yetişkin Kubilay
ISBN: 9789944264198; 9944264199

Best wishes,


  1. Alex Ouziel
    December 16, 2012 at 5:26 am

    HI, a very interesting project indeed.

    I came to it as I am trying to locate a street in Kadikoy from the 1902. We recently discovered some documents belonging to my great-grandparents whereby they were registered in the No 10 of Tepe Sokak in the Osman Aga district.

    Osman Aga is clearly highlighted in the small window in your Google Earth layer but today no Tepe Sokak exist in this area. The closest is 6km away and I believe that that area would have likely not been built in 1902 or would have been too far from the Hemdat Israel synagogue next to Haydarpasa.

    Would it be possible to have access to a higher definition copy of the map by Pervititch in order to see whether such a Tepe Sokak is identifiable in the area?

    Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide.

    Best regards


  2. May 26, 2016 at 6:38 pm

    Hi Alex,

    Just came across your post. A bit late but… Your “Tepe Sokak” is now actually and was since 1937, “Duatepe Sokak” and here is the actual number 10 if the numbering system is not changed, yet I highly doubt it, as lots might have merged. https://goo.gl/maps/pBwJsGNntL82

    But you can find your number 10 from #13 from Pervititch book: http://katalog.ibb.gov.tr/kutuphane2/haritalar/Hrt_000582.pdf (just the upper right of 205)
    & #14 http://katalog.ibb.gov.tr/kutuphane2/haritalar/Hrt_000585.pdf

    Can send you and exact overlay kmz if you share your email address w/ me. cargun [at] gmail {dot} com

    Best regards,


    • February 4, 2017 at 8:34 am

      Hi Cem,
      Great response to Alex about his query. Can you send me your #13 KMZ overlay? I’d like to see what you did. agrahamt[at]gmaildotcom

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