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Learning Javascript

I’m currently trying to get back into learning JavaScript as my first programming language.  I considered taking a Computational Science Course here at Rice U. which uses Python as the first language, but I don’t want to stress myself out too much or become intimidated by students with more attention to invest in a course.

I have two JavaScript projects which I am trying to do more-or-less concurrently.  One is following Code Academy‘s online curriculum, the other reading and doing the exercises for the online book Eloquent Javascript.

I’m not  as fast a learner as I’d like but if I’m patient I know I can learn new skills through repetition and practice.  I consider myself to have a poor short-term memory but a great long-term memory.  The key is to keep banging my head on that wall a bit every day and not worry about how long it iss taking me.   I learned how to play the harmonica as an adult, and I can remember not being able to do play things that are very easy for me now (bending, vibrato, improvised soloing, etc.), even though I’m not currently practicing or playing out.  Knowing I’m pretty good at something I remember not being able to do at all (unlike reading, riding a bike, etc.) is very empowering.

I have read several anecdotes from long-time professional writers responding to questions about how they wrote so many books, articles etc.  The answer is that they wrote 2-3 pages every day for 40 years.  It adds up.

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